Bus Route Changes in Astoria. Route 101 will go from 8th & Niagara to 14th & Irving (No College). Route 10 will go into the college and go back to 16th & Irving and go to 8th & Niagara.

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Route 10

Fare - $1.00
Drivers Do Not Carry Change

All CONNECTOR Buses are Wheelchair Accessible.

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AM Bus PM Bus
Warrenton Mini Mart (Main St.) 5:45a 7:17a XXX XXX XXX XXX 12:15p XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX
Hammond 4 Way 5:51a 7:23a XXX XXX XXX XXX 12:21a XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX
Parkview Apartments 5:53a 7:25a XXX XXX XXX XXX 12:23p XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX
Warrenton Mini Mart (Main St.) 5:59a 7:31a XXX XXX XXX XXX 12:29p XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX
Fred Meyer 6:03a 7:35a XXX XXX XXX XXX 12:31p XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX
Transit Center 6:15a 7:51a 8:51a 9:51a 10:51a 11:51a 12:51p 1:51p 2:51p 3:51p 4:51p 5:51p
Liberty Theater Flag 7:53a 8:53a 9:53a 10:53a 11:53a 12:53p 1:53p 2:53p 3:53p 4:53p 5:53p
Hospital(East) Flag 7:55a 8:55a 9:55a 10:55a 11:55a 12:55p 1:55p 2:55p 3:55p 4:55p 5:55p
Safeway(East) 6:21a 7:56a 8:56a 9:56a 10:56a 11:56a 12:56p 1:56p 2:56p 3:56p 4:56p 5:56p
Genos Flag 7:57a 8:57a 9:57a 10:57a 11:57a 12:57p 1:57p 2:57p 3:57p 4:57p 5:57p
45th & Leif Erickson Flag 7:59a 8:59a 9:59a 10:59a 11:59a 12:59p 1:59p 2:59p 3:59p 4:59p 5:59p
Crest Motel Flag 8:00a 9:00a 10:00a 11:00a 12:00p 1:00p 2:00p 3:00p 4:00p 5:00p 6:00p
Emerald Heights Office Flag 8:02a 9:02a 10:02a 11:02a 12:02p 1:02p 2:02p 3:02p 4:02p 5:02p 6:02p
Kincaid & Nimitz Flag 8:03a 9:03a 10:03a 11:03a 12:03p 1:03p 2:03p 3:03p 4:03p 5:03p 6:03p
McCain & Nimitz 6:30a 8:04a 9:04a 10:04a 11:04a 12:04p 1:04p 2:04p 3:04p 4:04p 5:04p 6:04p
Halsey & Turner Flag 8:05a 9:05a 10:05a 11:05a 12:05p 1:05p 2:05p 3:05p 4:05p 5:05p 6:05p
Mitscher Shelter 6:32a 8:06a 9:06a 10:06a 11:06a 12:06p 1:06p 2:06p 3:06p 4:06p 5:06p 6:06p
Job Corp 6:37a 8:11a 9:11a 10:11a 11:11a 12:11p 1:11p 2:11p 3:11p 4:11p 5:11p 6:11p
51st & Birch Flag 8:14a 9:14a 10:14a 11:14a 12:14p 1:14p 2:14p 3:14p 4:14p 5:14p 6:14p
45th & Cedar 6:41a 8:16a 9:16a 10:16a 11:16a 12:16p 1:16p 2:16p 3:16p 4:16p 5:16p 6:16p
39th Street Pier Flag 8:17a 9:17a 10:17a 11:17a 12:17p 1:17p 2:17p 3:17p 4:17p 5:17p 6:17p
Safeway(West) 6:43a 8:18a 9:18a 10:18a 11:18a 12:18p 1:18p 2:18p 3:18p 4:18p 5:18p 6:18p
Gateway Apartments Flag 8:19a 9:19a 10:19a 11:19a 12:19p 1:19p 2:19p 3:19p 4:19p 5:19p 6:19p
Hospital (West) 6:45a 8:20a 9:20a 10:20a 11:20a 12:20p 1:20p 2:20p 3:20p 4:20p 5:20p 6:20p
College 6:50a 8:25a 9:25a 10:25a 11:25a 12:25p 1:25p 2:25p 3:25p 4:25p 5:25p 6:25p
Peter Pan Flag 8:28a 9:28a 10:28a 11:28a 12:28p 1:28p 2:28p 3:28p 4:28p 5:28p 6:28p
Senior Center/ARC XXX 8:31a 9:31a 10:31a 11:31a 12:31p 1:31p 2:31p 3:31p 4:31p 5:31p 6:31p
Short Stop  6:55a 8:33a 9:33a 10:33a 11:33a 12:33p 1:33p 2:33p 3:33p 4:33p 5:33p 6:33p
Astoria High School 6:57a 8:37a 9:37a 10:37a 11:37a 12:37p 1:37p 2:37p 3:37p 4:37p 5:37p 6:37p
Transit Center 7:04a 8:44a 9:44a 10:44a 11:44a 12:44p 1:44p 2:44p 3:44p 4:44p 5:44p 6:44p
Fred Meyer 7:14a XXX XXX XXX XXX 1:04p XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX 7:04p
Warrenton Mini Mart 7:17a XXX XXX XXX XXX 1:09p XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX 7:09p
Hammond 4 Way XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX 1:14p XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX 7:14p
Warrenton Mini Mart XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX 1:19p XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX 7:19p